How to swap Match Attax World Cup football cards

Match Attax World Cup cards are swapped by post at your own risk. For higher value cards we recommend the use of Royal Mail Recorded Signed For post - which costs a few pence extra and allows you to know when the Match Attax cards have been delivered. Remember that standard postage only covers letters up to 5mm thick, so if you swap several cards, pack them side by side. Otherwise the person who gets them may get charged extra for postage.

Why is there a charge for membership?

We ask for a small fee towards the running of the website. It also deters people who were not genuine swappers anyway. Most people get excellent value as there is no limit to the number of swaps you can do in each season.

How to add your swaps

  • First Become a member. An email will be sent to the email address you give, and you must click the link it in to verify. Then you can log in to our site. You must log in before you can post or reply to any swaps.
  • To post your swaps, you first need to go to the category where you want to post. Eg If you want to offer an England player, click the link 'Offered' link below the England flag on the home page.
  • Look for the button labelled 'Add a Swap' (it will be greyed out until you log in). Click this button and you can post your swap.
  • Alternatively, you can add swaps in bulk by listing the card numbers on the Bulk Upload page.

How to get Match Attax World Cup football cards you need

  • Browse our website to see if anyone is swapping a Match Attax card which you need
  • To contact the other member, click the players name of the card you are interested in
  • The cards which the member wants to swap will also be listed, to help you find a suitable swap
  • When you find a card you need, click the button to be put in contact with the person who posted the swap

How to swap your spare Match Attax World Cup cards

  • Become a member and post your own swaps on our website
  • For best results, post both the cards you need and the swaps you have available. Then the cards you need or offer will be listed underneath each swap
  • Sit back and wait for people to contact you with offers of swaps, or contact other people yourself
  • You can delete swaps at any time by logging on and viewing the My Stuff area

What to do once you agree a swap

  • Ensure you both have the name and address to send the Match Attax cards to
  • Wrap the Match Attax card(s) in something for protection (a piece of cereal box is ideal). On the wrapper, write your name & address, and the Match Attax cards(s) you expect to get in return
  • Remember that for Royal Mail standard post, your letter can only be 5mm thick - so pack it carefully and take it to a Post Office for checking if in doubt - otherwise the recipient will get charged extra to receive it.
  • Post the cards, straight away
  • Remove the swap from our website, by logging on and viewing the View my Swaps page
  • Lastly, remember that you arrange the swap at your own risk. If you experience problems with the swap, you can leave negative feedback.
  • Please leave feedback after your swap, by going to the feedback page, where you can view the swaps waiting for feedback. Please remember, these will include suggested swaps.